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Funkee Feet Baby Shoes

Sizes available : 0-6, 6-12, 12-18 and 18-24 months

Candiles - Wax scented bowls/pots

Beautiful wax, scented pots with long lasting perfumes to give your home fragrance, just as they are or with a tealight inside for a lovely, soft ambient glow. Made in Sencelles, Majorca, these beautiful wax candle pots have been creating a warm, harmonious, and relaxing atmosphere in Spanish and Majorcan homes for many years. Now they have been brought to the UK for you to enjoy, not only because of their scents but also for their colours and design.

The fragrances and natural oils will last approximately 18 months. As you notice the scent begin to fade slightly after a few months, just scrape a layer of wax from around the inside of the pot or across the top and the fragrance is completely renewed.

Funkee Feet Baby shoes

Funkee Feet soft leather baby shoes are the perfect choice for tiny feet. They are made from soft quality breathable leather with brushed suede soles which do not restrict babies feet. They are made from "baby safe leather" which fully conforms to European safety standard EN71 so are very safe for babies - we all know how babies love to suck their toes !!

Funkee Feet soft leather baby shoes give your child's feet a great healthy start in life. The non slip suede soles help promote safe walking and crawling. As well as keeping little feet warm and their socks on, leather baby shoes give protection when crawling, cruising and toddling without restricting or shaping the developing foot. Leather allows the feet to breathe, helping to keep them healthy. Leather baby shoes are lightweight and suitable for summer or winter wear.

Funkee Feet baby shoes have elasticated ankles which means they fit really well and do not fall off. How many times have mums come back from shopping with only one shoe or sock. I know I have !!!